As a Brisbane based artist and art educator, Jennifer has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions, completed design commissions, large stained-glass window designs, designs for textile works, illustration and works for print and web. Although Jennifer’s practice has been extensive, drawing continues to be her main focus.

In 2011, Jennifer completed the Master of Visual Art at QCA, Griffith University, with an exhibition titled Uncharted Terrains. The exhibition featured large innovative drawings and digital images, sourcing rainforests streams, to challenge concepts of mimesis while exploring notions of perception.

Jennifer’s interest in how we interact with images in a digital era informs her current practice. As a candidate for the Doctorate of Visual Art at QCA, Griffith University, Jennifer is exploring, through her art works, conventional understandings of representation and ways of integrating traditional and digital image making with a primary focus on drawing.

Jennifer’s art practice parallels her career as an art educator. In her role as head of art in high school for 14 years, Jennifer developed a deep appreciation of the importance of art education for both the individual and society.  She is intrigued and inspired by the potential for art education to develop problem solving abilities, appreciation of aesthetics and openness to possibility and difference.  Jennifer founded Brizart in 1999. Brizart continues to offer art education for children, teens and adults in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

Jennifer Andrews Brisbane studio