Littoral Ripple

2015 City of Hobart Art Prize Finalist Exhibition

Littoral Ripple from the Littoral Series, 2015 © Jennifer Andrews
Watercolour, ink, charcoal and graphite on rag paper, 46 cm x 68 cm

Artist Statement

“Littoral Ripple” from Littoral series is a detailed study of a small ripple among the mangroves on the littoral zone of the Brisbane River, near the inner city. This ripple is created by the wash of boats moving along the river. Wash created amongst these mangroves is a constant reminder of human presence and/or interference.

Exhibition details

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Gallery 1, Ground Floor
5 Argyle Street
Hobart TAS 7001

18 September – 29 November 2015

Littoral Ripple by Jennifer Andrews