Art Meets Science Exhibition | 2016

The Art meets Science Exhibition included artworks from four artists who participated in the 2016 Artist in Residence Science Program, along with twelve additional Queensland artists who recently completed science-based artworks. The exhibition is diverse, with the only uniting theme of the exhibition is that the works are the responses of the artist to their interactions with scientists, their science activities and the research facilities and field environments in which they work. The artworks span wide of range of media and artforms including: sculpture; installation; painting; digital animation; and photography.

Jennifer’s artwork: Intarsia ii was a digital print. The works are printed on Photo Rag Pearl paper with Epson Ultrachrome K3 archival pigment inks.

Artist Statement

I have an ongoing interest in how art can draw on contemporary understandings of perception and vision to connect viewers to the natural environment.

Based on images collected from the rainforest My Intarsia series aims to challenge the viewer’s perception and to stimulate the search for order. Utilizing the concept that the whole is made of many parts unified in the act of perceiving, this work is composed in a grid-like structure similar to a game of noughts-and-crosses, suggesting there is a puzzle to be solved.

Science research activity

This research evolved from my interest in the relationship between mimesis, vision and perception.  The Reith Lectures (2003) by neurologist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and the writings of Barbara Maria Stafford have been pivotal to the development of my images. I became aware that the complex link between vision and perception creates wonderful possibilities for combining both neuroscience and psychology in my approach to the image. I have applied this awareness to art works aimed at perceptually connecting viewers to the natural environment.

Exhibition details

Ecosciences Precinct (ESP)
Dutton Park

8 August – 2 September 2016

Art meets Science Exhibition 2016